why we should take a break from work?

Very interesting article i just read. Now i need to take a real break from work!

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Interesting articles for entreprenuers


some of them look interesting. Anyone read those?

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10 books to read from 2010?

These are the list of books from that apparently every entrepreneur should read.

Liked a few of those. am heading to read them.

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Happy New Year!

happy new year! I am very hopeful that this new year will bring lots and lots of good changes in the way i do things. Let the fun begin!

2011  I just love you too much..

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Cambridge university refuses to censor student’s thesis on chip-and-PIN vulnerabilities

One of my friends just sent me this link. That is one awesome reply. Hats off to that guy! :)

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New year resolutions?

Been busy with work for the last few days. No matter how much i try not to get office work to home, i end up working on office stuff. But i have decided just now that coming new year, i’ll no longer do office stuff at home no matter how urgent it is or how important it is. This is on the top of the list in my new year resolution(s).

It is high time i spend some time on things that i want to do. I am thinking about an app for the cricket world cup that is starting this february. Planning to launch it through vivaciousgames.com . Will love to do it as a weekend challenge.  Hopefully we’ll be able to see it for the India/South Africa one day matches. Fingers crossed!

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hunger strike!

Every politician you can think of is going on a hunger strike for one thing or the other in AP. Latest into this monkey business is the former MP YS Jagan. God help people of AP.

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Important blogs for startups


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Small Businesses?

UnConventional steps to a thriving small business

Interesting points made there. I am hoping to get into that very soon

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The Magic Triangle of software development

Magic Triangle

quoted from the above post.

“While it’s rare anyone would intentionally sacrifice quality, you’ll commonly hear “I want feature W, X, Y & Z and I want them yesterday” with no thought to tomorrow. They will cut it every time without even realizing it.  Every time a CTO says yes to this request the world becomes a slightly worse place.”

Looks like i am one of those guys who is making the world a ‘slightly’ worse place :( Need to work on that!

How can a startup deal with this? Does it focus on more features or fixed schedules?

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