Aditya  Vinnakota

Hyderabad, Telangana, India      9849639111     [email protected]

Technical architect with more than 16 years of experience in successfully designing, building and delivering great products.

Worked mostly with startups in my career in various roles and was instrumental in creating multiple award winning products.

Excel at building MVPs. Also capable of scaling it a full fledged product(s)/service(s)

Good at building cross functional teams. Interviewed, hired, mentored several developers for a variety of roles

Project management, team management, development tracking and reporting using Scrum and agile practices

Expereince with multiple tech stacks like LAMP, MEAN, MERN and a little bit of Java as well.

Can comfortably write code in Python, Php, Javascript and to an extent also in Java, Perl, C/C++.

Built products using UI frameworks like Angular, React and pure javascript, jquery as well

Well versed with the cloud offerings of AWS having used EC2, S3, ECS, EMR, ELB, RDS, Cloudfront, API Gateway, Redshift, Lambda among several others

Devops experience, deployment automations, Databases setups and optimization, CI/CD techniques, Source Control with git


Senior Technical Lead

TV2Z India Development & Support Private Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Working on improving the existing API Architecture using different cloud technologies
  • Containerizing the existing monolitich application into microservices
  • Integrated Matomo analytics for our OTT apps running on Metrological devices to track video views
  • Setup an data analytics pipeline for the OTT application
  • Implemented a recommendation engine using AWS Personalize to customize contents to be shown to each user
  • Server side rendering implementation of the OTT web application to improve SEO scores
  • Implemented several optimizations to improve the overall speed of the web application
  • Improved the overall code quality by with the help of tools like SonarQube

Tech Stack:PHP, Python, MySQL, Mongo, REST API, Angular, Docker, AWS, Akamai, Cloudflare, ECS, CDK, API Gateway

Attainments, Awards and Recognitions:

  • Infrastructure automation improving the time to go live for a new OTT Customer from multiple weeks to just a few hours
August 2020 - Present

Senior Fullstack Developer

Xapo, Remote
  • Built ETL tasks to process statements of various banks
  • Built app to automatically reconcile the user actions with bank statements
  • Developed several internal apps to help back office team to simplify reconciliation and assist customer support
  • Developed API that is accessed by internal apps to build compliance and security dashboards

Tech Stack: Python, Flask, Mongo, REST API, React, Docker, AWS

June 2018 - July 2020

Technical Lead

Edvantics Data Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Built a platform for students that suggests courses based on their interests to help them with their careers
  • Aggregated courses from providers like Coursera, Simplilearn, NPTEL etc and Deals/Events from bookmyshow, meraevents etc.
  • Built a basic mobile app using the IONIC framework.
  • Responsible for the development of both frontend and the backend of the platform Hednext

Tech Stack: NodeJs, Angular, ionic, Express, Mysql, Microsoft Azure

November 2017 - April 2018

Sr Manager, Software & IT, Technical Architect

Saisanj Retail Pvt Ltd, Marketfront Software Solutions, Hyderabad
  • Design, Architect and Development of an ecommerce aggregator SAAS product, similar to that of Unicommerce, Browntape.
  • Integrated seller APIs of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Shopclues, Ebay, Tata Cliq for order processing, inventory management and pricing
  • Developed several unique features of the product like Inventory Planning, Price Suggestion
  • Built a Unique Price comparison engine that shows historic prices of products and along with competitor prices
  • Was actively involved in the coding of both the backend and frontend of the product
  • Maintenance of our e-commerce website Redlily using Magento
  • Training , Mentoring & Hiring developers and assisting them in case of any road blocks
  • Total Infrastructure management on AWS which includes services like EC2, RDS, Elasticache, S3, Lambda, SWF, Cloudfront, CloudWatch, EFS.

Tech Stack: Python, Php, Nodejs, Mysql, Angular, Bootstrap, AWS, Scrapy

Attainments, Awards and Recognitions:

  • Our product was one of the top 20 finalists in the Economic Times Power of ideas 2015 and recipient of CIIE grant.
  • Automation of various seller activities like Price updates, Purchase orders, Price suggestions.
  • Decreased Out of Stock orders to a minimum by automating Inventory updates on various marketplaces.
August 2015 - November 2017

Engineering Manager

Ohana Media India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad and Bangalore
  • Developed an analytics system similar to that of Google Analytics using PiWik
  • Integrating Display, Social, Search, RTB modes of Advertising into our unified marketing platform OhanaQB
  • Built a unique Social advertising product using Facebook Ads that helps advertisers understand much more about the campaign performance
  • Created a flash display ad builder for Ecommerce websites
  • Built Real Time Bidding(RTB) Ad Engine. Used various log aggregation using tools like Scribe, syslog, kafka and various big data processing tools like PIG, Storm, Hadoop/EMR
  • Was involved in the coding of both the backend(JAVA, php, python, mysql, memcached) and frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap) of the product
  • Built tools to analyze campaign performance and optimize campaign delivery
  • Solely responsible for the development of a price comparison website using Price Tapestry, Coupon Press. Also developed a deal aggregation module as part of it

Tech Stack: Python, Php, Java, Axis, Mysql, GWT, ExtJs, AWS, Scrapy, Cherrypy

Attainments, Awards and Recognitions:

  • Our product OhanaQB got a jury special mention at the ITSAP awards 2011
  • Successfully demonstrated a cookie less tracking system using a browser fingerprinting methodology
  • Managed and monitored close to 50+ servers on EC2 with very less downtime
  • Increased the efficiency of our ad servers from being able to handle 50+ million requests to 500+ million requests on the same infrastructure with system level, architecture level and code level changes
April 2009 - July 2015

Senior Programmer

Intrasoft Technologies (123 Greetings), Kolkata
  • Optimizing and altering the existing newsletter database to handle the high volume of requests using different mysql storage engines
  • Automating the newsletter mailing process to remove all possible human intervention using php, mysql, perl, Postfix and cron and integrating best industry practices into the mailing process
  • Setting up an efficient Email bounce management system using Php, mysql, postfix and VERP
  • Worked on a new open and click tracking systems in perl/mysql for the emails sent
  • Creating a new reporting system to monitor the opens and clicks in php/mysql/ajax
  • Worked on integrating Postfix with memcached to increase the email sending speed

Tech Stack: Perl, Php, Mysql, Javascript, AWS


  • Increased the efficiency of the existing scripts by over 100% by tweaking the database table structures
  • Parallelizing the existing code to make use of the existing multiprocessor systems
  • Successfully created an Mail Transfer Agent(MTA) that can send more than 1000 emails in a minute using perl, php, mysql and multiple instances of Postfix
  • Intelligently managed the mail delivery to not get blocked by ISPs and ESPs for sending mails frequently by routing the mail through multiple Ips
January 2009 - April 2009

Technical Consultant/Team Lead

Greenspace Technologies, Hyderabad
  • Handling the Database and Website Optimization, optimizing mysql queries and the database schema to scale up the server capacity by more than 100%
  • Conducting a query audit and eliminated redundant/unnecessary queries reducing the query count by 70%
  • Optimizing the php code using memcached and caching sql reads & improving the website performance from Level F to Level B as per Yslow ratings
  • Implementing mysql replication for all the software installations
  • Code certification & coordinating with a 3rd party gaming software auditor to audit and certify the RNG algorithms used in all the games
  • Overseeing the porting of the core software onto various platforms like Mobile and IVR
  • Development of many other instant games including Roulette/Lotto/Lottery
  • Creating several configuration tools for various flavours of Bingo
  • Assisting the analytics team in the creation and automation of various Intelligence reports
  • Creating several add ons to the existing games based on the promotions designed by the operations team

Tech Stack: Php, Mysql, Apache, Javascript, Flash, Actionscript, Memcache


  • Played a major role in growing the team from 3 to 25 over 2 years and managed the same with the help of 4 team leads
  • Successfully identified various roles required in the team based on technology skills and expertise
  • Interviewed and selected people for various technology skills including PhP, Python, Flash Action Scripting, MySQL DBAs, System Administrators
  • Efficiently mentored junior developers about the internals/workings and the usage of the system & conducted performance reviews and appraisals on a half yearly basis
August 2007 - October 2008

CoFounder/Project Manager

MSL Inc, Hyderabad
  • Handling software design, predesign analysis of the existing software providers and solutions & designed database schema design of the Cozy Games platform
  • Developing 75, 80, 90 Ball Bingo game server with industry standard features
  • Conceptualized a new and fast paced 30 ball bingo game that is seen only on this platform
  • Played a major role in developing bingo game tournaments using the existing bingo game engines
  • Developing web services that help client communication with the game server

Tech Stack: Php, Mysql, Apache, Javascript, Flash, Actionscript, Memcache

Attainments, Awards and Recognitions:

  • Capably handled software installation and maintenance on eight different network of websites
  • GoneBingo wins the prestigious New Site of the Year Award for 2006 from WhichBingo
  • GoneBingo UK wins the prestigious New Site of the Year Award for 2007 from WhichBingo UK
  • Three of the top five new websites use this software
  • Nominated for Best Bingo Software at the Bingo Bullet Conference
March 2005 - October 2008

Game Developer

Milestone Interactive Software Ltd, Mumbai
  • Worked on a 3D game similar to that of RoadRash
  • Played a key role in implementing the multiplayer network module for the game
  • Implemented the Non Playing Characters (NPC) AI and traffic vehicle behaviours
  • Developed a tool to convert our custom ingame scripts to C++ code

Tech Stack: Renderware Gaming Engine, C++, Custom Scripting language

June 2003 - September 2004


International Institute Of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Science & IT

Discontinued after 4th year

June 1999 - May 2003

Geetanjali Educational Institutions

Math, Physics and Chemistry


June 1997 - May 1999


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Requirement gathering and systems analysis
  • Application Development from scratch or Enhancement of existing application and optimization
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Apart from being a developer, I like playing computer games. I also participate in endurance sports like triatlons

When forced indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, I am an aspiring entreprenuer, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the new and upcoming startups


  • Core founding member of the team which built and managed an online gaming platform used by more than 50+ gaming websites with revenues close to a million dollars a month. Cozy platform won several awards and accolades
  • OhanaQb got a special jury mention award at ITSAP awards 2011
  • Our product was one of the top 20 finalists in the Economic Times Power of ideas 2015 and recipient of CIIE grant


  • Certified Scrum Master

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